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Rollercoaster Rogo restaurant in Yas Mall

UAE likes trying new concepts, with everything from ice cream made from scratch (frostbite) to the multi-colored burger buns (Slider) station and burgers rain pasta (Yakitate), gracing the sunny beaches we have. Abu Dhabi has introduced now the dining experience at the end of the fun of your own food – food delivery across entertaining.
The concept is simple, ordered from the menu (which is in fact the iPad), and then once complete, are transporting food to the tables by a system of steel entertaining tracks.
Sealed all food (to avoid leakage) and falls through a network of double rings, spirals and hurricane – before it’s final descent to hungry diners. Tracks for running throughout the restaurant foot 14,000 square meters in the Yas Mall and can serve up to three hundred and sixty guests at one time.
The latest addition to the franchise Rogo is in fact the largest and upon entering the place, and will be in the reception guests with a sensory experience that includes flashes of neon lights and clattering sounds produced by the roller coaster in the world.
Even the most jaded of the guests will be impressed by a scene that goes on in Rogo, but the failure of this concept and innovative food and overjoyed to maintain the initial hype and a sense of wonderment.
Sitting sectarian (or as we like to call it Wagamama style) so expect to be seated with strangers. The service is not something that exists is to sit down and show how to use the iPad Order system, this is not something negative as the basis for this concept is all about the use of technology. Even drinks are delivered through an amusing, so there is no great need for the intervention of the staff, although they were on hand for any questions and pay the bill.
In our experience of the restaurant, despite the presence of a great idea, and the food is very mixed group. Make a list of favorite American food fast, and macaroni and cheese is one of the best we have eaten, but pulled lamb burger was a little disappointing.

Part of the problem, comes from the fact that the food must be able to withstand the trip down entertaining – even soups and anything saucy outside. Instead, it includes a choice of dry foods that are likely to maintain the supply and cause a bit of chaos during their journey – until they are dealing with customers of the quirkily named elements such as’ calamari ring ring “and” pesto Vasily key. ”
How smart was food, up not just on the table, but also at the headquarters of the person who ordered it, all thanks to a future iPad system. Food is delivered in metal pots with lids held securely closed by a rubber control, thus ensuring that food does not fall while spinning on their heads patrons.
Milk drinks offered are the usual American style dinner check and juices and those with a sweet tooth may enjoy dessert selection that contains the “Do not look down cakes” or “cake Rogo in Jaffa.”
Togo is more in the end all the hype it’s concept is unique, and chose a visual scene. And Togo in the atmosphere and a pleasant dining experience and a great place for families and children. Which makes the dining experience at the end of the day if combined with a trip to the world of neighboring Ferrari ..

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